Fair house rules

Valid from: 2016. november. 01-től - Updated at 2021.02.20.

Every visitor and exhibitor staying in the Terra-Akva Fair area acknowledges that upon entering the premises of the event venue, or after redeeming a ticket or table space, they automatically accept the following House Rules and assume the consequences of non-compliance. In case of non-compliance with the House Rules, the organizers will act as necessary.

  • Simultaneously with the purchase of tickets and table places, visitors and exhibitors accept that audio and video recordings of the event will be made, which the organizers can display publicly. All participants who appear in the recordings may only be named with their consent, but they may not make any claims against the creator of the recording or the event organizers.
  • Only persons with wristbands are allowed in the event area. Please wear the wristband in a clearly visible place, as it proves that our guest has purchased the entrance ticket and is legally present at the event location.
  • Any intentional damage caused in the area of the event entails a full compensation obligation.
  • Tickets are not refundable!
  • We cannot allow persons under the influence of alcohol, drugs, or others, as well as visitors in uncultured clothing, into the event area.
  • Visitors, exhibitors and persons who offend, harass or exhibit aggressive behavior will be escorted out of the event area by members of the organizing staff and may be permanently banned. In the event of a disagreement or possible fight, all participating parties are asked to leave.
  • In case of refusal, we will notify the authorities immediately.
  • The organizers do not assume any responsibility in the event of the disappearance, theft or damage of valuables brought into the event area! If you have lost any of your valuables, please let us know in writing at the e-mail address [email protected], including your data and contact information. If we find the lost value, we will notify you and, after proof, will make it available to you.
  • If someone finds a lost item, please hand it in to the organizers.
  • In addition to the rules of the Fair, compliance with the Groupama Arena policy serving as the venue is also mandatory!

Be considerate of your surroundings and take care of cleanliness!

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