Tickets for our fairs can be purchased in advance on the OneTicket website.

Ticket prices for our next fair

Up to 6 years old
between 9 and 14 hours
HUF 2,300
HUF 2,900
between 14-16 hours
HUF 1,700
HUF 2,500

Supporter's ticket - HUF 4,500

50% discount for SINOSZ ID card holders and their companions!

We provide a 10% discount for educational institutions with more than 10 people (of which at least 1 will accompany), prior application is required, specifying the name of the institution and the expected number of staff!

* with a valid student or pensioner card

At our event, on more than 2,100 square meters, we welcome our dear visitors with terrarium and aquarium animals, equipment, and advice!

You can also participate in the following at the fair

Petting zoo

Get to know your favorite pets directly! In the petting zoo, you can meet chameleons, snakes, hedgehogs and other exotic small animals, which you can even touch. Come and discover the wonderful world of animals together!

Children's activities

Let your little explorers unfold with us! At our children's activities, we welcome young nature lovers with interactive and creative activities. We offer programs that help you discover the exciting world of aquaristics and terraristics in a playful way!

Education and advice on responsible animal husbandry

We help you become careful and responsible pet owners! Our exhibitors provide advice on appropriate animal care methods and the creation of an optimal environment. Join us and learn the best ways to ensure the health and happiness of animals!